Beer Kits


Munton’s Mountmellick

NEW!  Cream Ale, Dublin Stout, Newkie Brown Ale

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Beer Grain Kit

Tosca Beer


We brought this in due to consumer demand.  This kit offers fresh grains, liquid/dry malt extract, fresh hops, beer yeast, grain sack, hop sack, and priming sugar, complete with easy … Continue reading

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Festa Brew

Festa Brew

Convenience and craft brewed excellence for home brewers.

For the first time, the fresh flavour excellence of commercial quality all grain beer is possible in home beermaking.

Festa Brew pasteurized, ready-to-use wort … Continue reading

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Munton’s Beer

NEW BEER STYLES! Pale Ale, Premium Ale, Brown Ale

American Lite – A gentle, delicate light lager, subtly flavoured yet refreshing to the full.

Blonde – Reminiscent of the slightly hoppier lager style … Continue reading

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Morgan's Beer (Canadian Series)

Morgan’s Beer (Canadian Series)

Canadian Blonde – A distinctively Canadian style beer with a light colour and a fresh, crisp finish. An easy to drink, refreshing beer.

Canadian India Pale Ale – A new lighter-tasting India … Continue reading

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Cooper’s Beer

Australia’s finest brewers bring you a wide range of Aussie beer styles.

NEW STYLES AVAILABLE! Aussie Pale Ale, Dark Ale, India Pale Ale, Irish Stout, and Wheat Beer

Lager – Straw Colour with … Continue reading

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