Many people think that if they do not see any bubbles in the airlock that this means the wine is not fermenting. This is not true. Bubbles in the airlock are just CO2 escaping from the wine. If there are no bubbles in the airlock it could mean that your wine is not fermenting but it could also mean that the CO2 is just leaking out from another spot.

The ONLY TRUE way to know whether your wine is fermenting is by using the hydrometer. By taking an initial reading and then taking more readings on a regular basis throughout the fermentation, you will be able to see if the Specific Gravity is moving and this will tell you if your wine is fermenting or not.

In the instructions you are told that your wine is finished when the SG has reached .996 – .990. This is a range and you will know when it is actually finished when you have a reading in this range that remains constant for 2 – 3 days.

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