If you follow the wine kit directions faithfully, which generally say to stir vigorously three times a day for three days with the handle of your spoon, you should have no gas left in your wine after three days. Other effective methods include transferring your wine into a primary fermentor and then pouring it quickly back and forth into another primary several times; siphoning your wine into the primary and stirring vigorously with your spoon as it fills the pail; using a Fizzex tool on your electric drill, and so on. To be sure that your wine is properly degassed, taste the wine – it should not be “prickly” like flat pop. Another way to tell if your wine is properly degassed is to take about a half bottle of the wine you are degassing, seal the bottle with your thumb or a removable cork and shake vigorously. If there is gas it will hiss out when you release the seal. If it is still gassy, continue to degas until you are satisfied that there is no gas left

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