6-ROW Brewing Grain



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Product Description

6-Row –The preferred base malt of large North American brewers due to its larger husk content which is ideal for use in conjunction with adjuncts. Also an excellent base malt for use in wheat beer production. Higher enzymatic power than 2-row.  Used in American styles with higher percentage of adjunct grain.

Available in 1lb and 50lb bags.

Specialty grains are added to impart specific and desirable character to a beer. Color, malt sweetness, and aroma are but a few of the characteristics, which can be controlled and “dialed in” to suit the individual taste for a specific style of beer. Specialty grains differ from grains used as foundation or base malt in that they do not produce an appreciable quantity of fermentable sugars. What they do produce is a dextrous, unfermentable sugar that directly contributes to the body of the beer.

Trying different grains will definitely give your beer a different taste. So, if you really like one of our kits, but want to make a slight change, try adding a different grain to your next batch.