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1820 Authentic IPA

A traditional British IPA. Rich, malty and full of hops with higher alcohol.

This is the real thing. Very malty, full of hops, a higher than normal alcohol content and an overwhelming flavour. Estry fermentation characteristics are a hallmark of strong beers, and this one is no exception. Traditionally brewed to survive the rigors of a long sea voyage from Britain to India during the Raj.This strong ale is a great summer surprise and a tasty winter warmer.

OG: 1.060-64 ABV: 6.7% ISUs 40 (Values are approximate)

Barking Dog Brown

This Dark North American Brown Has Rich Chocolate Malt Character Combined With A Very Subtle Smokiness.

This dark North American brown ale is more assertive than its British cousin. Rich chocolate malt character combined with a very subtle smokiness. Serve cool.

OG: 1.040-44 ABV: 4.8% IBUs 20 (Values are approximate)


Bee-Mans Honey Brown Ale

Subtle taste of honey blended with a chocolaty velvet smoothness.

The subtle taste of honey blended with the chocolaty velvet smoothness of a brown ale is a combination too good to miss. Light hop bitterness and smooth texture. Serve chilled.

OG: 1.046-50 ABV: 5.3% IBUs: 15 (Values are approximate)

 Best Coast IPA

A half pound of hops in every batch! Experience the Halifax ‘Hop’ explosion.

A full half pound of hops in every batch! Hoppy IPA’s might have originated on the WestCoast, but the BEST ones are made right here! Experience first hand, the Halifax ‘hop’ explosion. Here’s our version of this ‘full-on’ beer for ‘hop heads’. The hoppiest recipe we’ve ever made. Not for the faint of heart. These “North American” style IPA’s are much more citrusy than their British Cousins. But beware; at 6.4%, this brew can creep up on you.

OG: 1.060-64 ABV: 6.7% IBUs: 60 (Values are approximate)

Cascade West Coast Pale Ale

Crisp, clean & well balanced with lots of hops!

West Coast Pale Ale is different enough from its British cousin to have gained its own designation as a “classic style”. Golden in colour, This crisp, clean beer has a floral aroma from the distinctly North American Cascade hops. Unlike British pale ales, strong fermentation characteristics (esters) are not a hallmark of this style. Serve cold, 36-45° F.

OG: 1.048-52 ABV: 5.5% IBUs: 30 (Values are approximate)

Northern Lights Canadian

Golden, crisp and refreshing. A northern classic with a hoppy ending.

This is an excellent example of what Canadian ale should be. It is golden coloured, crisp, and clean. Those who like it… Delightfully refreshing. Serve Cold.

OG: 1.044-48 ABV: 5% IBUs: 14 (Values are approximate)

Peat McFuggles Scottish Ale

This traditional Scottish classic accents malt over hops. It also gains a touch of smokiness from peated malt.

This deep, traditional Scottish classic is similar to an English bitter with the accent more on malt than on hops. This example displays a slight smokiness due to the addition of a small amount of peated malt. It is sometimes called “80 Shilling” in reference to the amount of tax they used to pay on a barrel. Serve at cellar temperature.

OG: 1.045-49 ABV: 5.2% IBUs: 16 (Values are approximate)

Piccadilly Porter

Porter originated in London, England, as a blend of stout and pale ale. It flourished for over two centuries before fading away to near oblivion. Revived by micros and homebrewers, this beer is dark (almost black) but not as roasty as a stout. Some subtle chocolate notes, and relatively low bitterness, make this flavourful session beer as popular today, as it was among the Street and River Porters of London’s past. Serve cool.

OG: 1.045-49 ABV: 5.2% IBUs: 18 (Values are approximate)

Rory’s Irish Red Ale

A flavourful, well-balanced traditional Irish ale.

Ireland’s second most famous beer style (sometimes called amber), has become increasingly popular with North American Micros. This flavourful, well balanced ale, is a great starting place for those uninitiated with the wonderful ales of the U.K. Serve cool.

OG: 1.044-48 ABV: 5% IBUs: 30 (Values are approximate)

“Silly Yak” Gluten Free Beer

Golden, crisp and refreshing with a touch of honey and a citrusy, hoppy finish.

This is the answer if you can’t have gluten but you really like beer. A touch of honey adds a unique character. Light and refreshing with a distinct hop flavour. Can be used as a base for gluten free fruit beer. Serve cold. Please Note: While none of the ingredients in this beer recipe contain gluten, we cannot guarantee that they have never been in contact with trace amounts or been processed in facilities that also produce products containing gluten.

OG: 1.040-44 ABV: 5.3% IBUs: 12 (Values are approximate)


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1820 Authentic IPA, Barking Dog Brown, Bee-Man’s Honey Brown Ale, West Coast IPA, Rory’s Irish Red, “Silly Yak” Gluten Free, Northern Lights Canadian, Peat McFuggles Scottish Ale, Cascade West Coast Pale Ale, HP Explosion, King’s Royal Red Bittler, West Coast Porter