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The Brewie+ Fully Automated All Grain Brewing Machine


Product Description

Brewers Direct is proud to be one of the first Canadian companies to carry The Brewie Plus. We offer the cheapest retail price and can have it delivered to your door.

The world’s first fully automated all grain brewing machine just got an upgrade! Introducing the Brewie Plus – now lighter, faster and stonger. This unit can produce up to 5 gallons of wort without any supervision. The process is simple, add the ingredients and start the recipe program. You will have chilled wort, ready to be pitched when the process is complete. There is even a cleaning cycle you can run after you have pumped the wort into your sanitized fermenter!

Beginner and advanced brewers alike will love the simplicity of crafting and executing their own recipes using ingredients of their choice. Brewers can take full control of each batch as Brewie+ lets you set every single parameter, mashing, sparging or hopping. For future brews, call up your personalized recipe from the digital display, add your ingredients, then go have a beer and relax! No more standing over your kettle and waiting.

Control your Brewie+ from just about anywhere! The Brewie+ allows you to monitor and control your brew day from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and tracks the data from every batch you brew. Manage your batches and connect with other Brewie+ owners with Brewie’s Social Platform.

Also available are Brewie Pad recipe kits, an excellent choice for beginner brewers. Simply empty the ingredients into the specified locations, select the preloaded recipe from the digital display, then go have a beer and relax! Brewie Pad recipe kits use high quality and fresh ingredients making great tasting beer every time you brew.

If you have any trouble with your Brewie Plus system make sure to keep the box. Brewie has service centers here in the US and are happy to repair your system for you!

( unfortunately all repairs and defects have to go through and be done by the manufacture, they are very slow.  Brewersdirect will not be held responsible for the up keep of the manufactures warranty )


Boiling, mashing, and hopping tanks are all stainless steel
Digital touch screen display to control all features
Monitor or control the progress of your brew day from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop*
Built in weight sensors to ensure the exact amount of water is added
4 individual hop tanks to allow for separate additions of hops during the boil, each with programmable times
The Brewie’s tubing allows you to sparge automatically or manually
The built in cooler chills the wort before fermentation (connection to a water source is required)
3 self-clean programs (quick, full & sanitize) take the work out of cleanup
Flexibility to use house water through the provided supply line or external water
Can handle grain bills of up to 17.5 lbs with a recommended water-to-grist ratio of 1.2 qts/lb
What’s New:

18% lighter machine for easier handling
Custom made pumps (from the supplier of Tesla)
Decreased response time
20,000 hours of life expectancy
Up to 12% faster brewing process
Doubled memory storage for even more recipes
Updated electronics adapted from the automobile industry
Updated heating elements ensuring a continuous, rolling boil
New WiFi module increasing reception – for all garage or garden shed brewing
Pressure sensors for easier calibration
Terminating sensibility of external effects (user tampering, base surface)

Power: 1800 W
Brewing Capacity: 2.64 – 5.28 gallons (10 ­– 20 L)
Max Capacity: 7 galllons (26.5 L)
Weight: 64 lbs (29 kg)
Dimensions: 29 in. x 13.3 in. x 18.4 in.

Additional Information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 90 x 50 x 50 cm