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30 grams each

Originally hops were used for their preservative, anti-bacterial qualities.  Used to add Bitterness to beer.  Beer that is not hopped tastes very sweet.  They add flavor and aroma to  the beer.  Sold in 30 gram bags.

For the experienced beer maker, Brewers Direct now carries the following hops varieties:

CASCADE – Pleasant, flowery, spicy, and citrusy.  Can have a grapefruit flavor.  Typical beer styles: Pale Ale, IPA, porter, and barley wine.

CENTENNIAL – Medium with floral and citrus notes. Recommended for all ale styles, and has been used with wheat beer.

CLUSTER – Medium and quite spicy.  Recommended for ale and lager (good aroma for ale, good bittering for lager).

FUGGLE – Mild and pleasant, earthy and fruity.  Recommended for any English-style beer or American ale.

GOLDING – Mild, extremely pleasant and gently hoppy.  Recommended for pale ale, ESB, and all English-style beer.

HALLERTAUER – Very mild, pleasant, and slightly flowery, some spicy.  Best with lager, pilsner, bock and wheat.

MT. HOOD – Mild, pleasant and clean, somewhat pungent and resiny.  Recommended for lager, pilsner, bock and wheat.

NORTHERN BREWER – Medium-strong with some wild tones.  Recommended for ESB, bitter, English pale ale, porter, California (steam) beer.

NUGGET – Quite heavy and herbal.  Best for light lager.

SAAZ – Mild and pleasant, earthy and spicy.  Recommended for Pilsner, lager and wheat.

TETTNANGER – An aromatic hop, mild and slightly spicy.  Used in German ales and lagers, American lagers and wheat beers.

WILLAMETTE – Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral, and a little earthy.  Recommended for pale ale, ESB, bitter, English-style ale, porter, and stout.