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Always in search of excellence, Mosti Mondiale is proud of their collaboration with one of Italy’s foremost enologists Giuseppe Meglioli, a talented expert and a man of vision. the Meglioli limited edition will please everyone with its finesse, richness, complexity and structure. Your patience will be amply rewarded when the moment for you to taste the wines of this Meglioli Limited Edition.

Vibrant colors, aromatic bouquets from rich terroirs, stimulating fruit flavors of subtle character, well- balanced tannins and significant alcohol levels typify the varieties.

This kit comes with the ALLGRAPE® pack, consisting of freshly picked grapes from California.  These carefully selected grapes are introduced at the early stages of your winemaking experience in order to guarantee a finished wine like never before!

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Amarone, Barolo, Chardonnay, Moscato, Merlot Blush