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FONTANA SELECT Crushed Grape Kits

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6 Week Wine Kits – 17L Red Wines – Crushed Grape Series

The Fontana Select Crushed Grape Series wine kits have been setting the standard in home winemaking since 1972.  We are proud to offer this kit at Brewers Direct!  Every kit uses the finest quality ingredients and includes everything you need to make a truly superior wine that boasts depth and character.

AMARONE with Grape Skins

Juicy, plum cherry and raspberry are marries with Vanilla, spice and heavy oak in this hearty Italian wine renowned for its big, velvety elegance and slightly sweet finish.  Amarone is best when paired with bold flavors such as braised red meats, rich red wine sauces, wild game and ripe hard cheeses.

BAROLO with Grape Skins

Dry and full-bodied, Barolo has dark earthy tones and floral beauty, bursting with intense flavours of violet, rose, red cherry, truffle, and liquorice mingled with traces of tar, tobacco smoke, and toasted oak with a firm acidity.  Barolo pairs perfectly with rich, fully flavoured, earthy foods like thick beef and lamb stews, rich mushroom sauces and strong aged cheese, such as Cheddar and Stilton.


Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, dry wine with very little oak.  Flavours of cassis, dark red berries, cedar, oak, violets, vanilla, and sometimes chocolate makes Cabernet Sauvignon the most popular red in the world.  Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with full-bodied flavours such as mustard, pepper or red wine, and firm ripe cheeses such as Edam, Cheddar and Gouda.

MALBEC with Grape skins

Full-fruited and rich, Malbec offers a rich character of lush plums, dark cherries and hints of espresso.  It also may have hints of vanilla, cedar, and tobacco.  Jam-colored and juicy, this red wine has a velvety texture that makes it well-suited to romantic dinners and evenings by the fire.  Its deep fruit character and mild acidity provide a perfect complement to a range of foods, including roasted red meats, tomato-based dishes, mushrooms, and duck.  Mild cheeses, peppers, and mustard can also accent Malbec’s unique profile. 

MERLOT with Grape Skins

Fruity and rich with flavors of black cherry, plum, vanilla, oak and violets and hints of cedar, Merlot is a juicy, but dry wine with a velvety texture that makes it extremely friendly and easy to drink.  Serve this versatile wine with roasted red meats, salmon, duck and mushroom dishes.  Pasta with red wine and tomato sauce goes equally well with Merlot, as do mild cheeses.

SHIRAZ with Grape Skins

Intensely colored with a jam-like flavour, Shiraz is full-bodied, bold and spicy.  With flavours of mixed berries, black pepper, anise and oaky vanilla tannins, this is a big wine.  Serve this wine with equally rich dishes, such as brisket, steak, veal, stew or pork chops.  Shiraz pairs equally well with firm, ripe cheeses such as Edam, Gouda and aged Cheddar.



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