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How to Video https://youtu.be/ozds3Su776s

750 Watts, 110-120 Volts
Stainless Steel Distiller

Includes: Collection Jar, Cleaning Solution, 2 Carbon Tea Bags, 2 Turbo Clear Twin Packs, 2 Super Yeasts, Proof and Tralles Hydrometer, 3 Liquor Quik Flavours (Rum, Rye and Vodka) and Instructions.


Distiller Product Information:
The Brewers Direct Water Distiller is a high quality, countertop distiller based on a very popular water distillation unit. The boiling vessel and cooling chamber are made of stainless steel. No cooling water is required, as the unit is fan cooled, making the distillation process virtually as simple as making coffee! For those in countries where alcohol distillation is legal, the unit can produce up to 60% product with virtually no off-tastes or smells on a single run. A second run can actually improve this to nearly 90%!

Just as with many countertop water distillers, activated carbon filtration can take place inline, on the way to the collection container, completing the entire distillation and filtration processes in a single step.

30 warranty is offered with this product.

**DISCLAIMER:  Please note that in certain countries alcohol distillation is illegal and you will require a license.  Ask for advice or contact your local Customs and Excise Department.