Tosca Partial Grain Beer PREMIUM


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Product Description

We brought this product in due to consumer demand. This kit offers fresh grains, liquid/dry malt extract, fresh hops, beer yeast, grain sack, hop sack, and priming sugar, complete with easy to follow instructions. If you’re tired of making the traditional canned beer kit, this product will offer the adventurous beer maker an enhanced experience. Tosca Beer Red Ale variety has reddish hues with the flavor focusing on the malt. Low levels of hops can be detected with a light fruity after taste. A must for any beer lover!

Included: Liquid malt extract, Dried malt extract, Hops, Irish moss, Straining bag, Beer yeast, Grains

Premium Styles:

  • Australian Vic Bitter
  • Innis & Gunn Ale